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Explore Level6Aviation's tailored ICAO English tests designed to meet the unique language needs of different aviation roles. From Commercial Pilots to Ground Staff, we have an exam suited for your professional requirements. Find your category below to ensure your language proficiency matches your aviation career.

Flight Crew Tests

Commercial Pilot

Our test for Commercial Pilots confirms you meet ICAO's English proficiency standards for professional aviation roles. With it, you can improve global communication, enhance flight safety, and elevate your career trajectory.

Student Pilot

Our test for Student Pilots is tailored to assess your English proficiency without delving into specialized aviation knowledge. This allows us to provide a fair assessment, understanding that you are still learning the ropes of the aviation field.

General Aviation Pilot

Designed for non-commercial flight personnel, our General Aviation Pilots test assesses your proficiency in Aviation English. Strengthen your communication skills  and boost your confidence in international airspace.

Helicopter Pilot

For Helicopter Pilots, our test focuses less on ATC clearances and more on general English proficiency. We understand that as a helicopter pilot, you're less likely to encounter standard IFR procedures, and we've adapted our testing to reflect that reality.


Our ICAO Level 4 Only Test is designed to be more concise and budget-friendly, involving fewer questions and taking less time to complete. This test option is ideal for those who wish to ascertain their Level 4 proficiency without the extra testing involved in higher levels.

Cabin Crew and Ground Staff Tests

Cabin Crew

The Cabin Crew Test is tailored to assess English language proficiency within the specific context of cabin crew members' duties. With an emphasis on aviation-related vocabulary and effective communication during in-flight situations, this test is crucial for cabin crew aiming for smooth, safe operations.

Ground Staff and Tug Operator

Our Ground Staff/Tug Operators Test focuses on English language proficiency within the ground operations environment. It evaluates the ability to communicate effectively in typical scenarios that ground staff and tug operators encounter daily, aiding in promoting safety and efficiency on the ground.

Master Aviation English
with Our Practice Test

Enhance your understanding of Aviation English and boost your confidence with our specialized practice test.

Our practice test immerses you in the unique language of aviation, covering real-life scenarios from ground operations to in-flight communications. It's an effective way to familiarize yourself with radio telephony communication, technical terms, and both routine and non-routine situations.

Remember, we're assessing your language proficiency, not technical knowledge, so there's no need to worry if you're new to aviation.

Our practice test not only prepares you for the actual ICAO/EASA Language Proficiency Test but also contributes to a safer and more efficient aviation industry. Embark on this crucial step towards mastering Aviation English today!

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